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Neighbors Kept Running Over Guy's Fence So He Installed a Concrete Barrier


If you've grown up in a small community,  chances are you or your family has tolerated some degree of nonsense from a neighbor or two for years on end simply because it was easier than addressing it head on, especially if money had to be involved to properly rectify the issue. 

Usually the 'unofficial' solution provided is good enough for everyone involved, but sometimes neighbors will keep pushing to see just how far they can push you and your good will until it all backfires in extraordinary fashion. This is a story about exactly that.  

Reddit user MihaM12 posted his family's story about neighbors that took things too far to the justice thirsty subreddit known as r/ProRevenge. He and his family grew up in a small European country and lived in a private neighborhood comprised of residents who were all loosely related to one another, which to anyone familiar with that kind of living arrangement, already means that personal lines are blurred more than usual between residents there.