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Source: instagram

New Moms Are Relating Hard to This Overbearing Mother's Baby Care "Dissertation"


I love my wife. I love how she focuses on the little details and is a neat freak and genuinely enjoys being organized. I love how exacting she is with taking care of our kids and the little snack packs she tucks away for them on family outings and how conscientious and detail-oriented she is. It's a perfect foil to my Type B, meat-and-potatoes attitude toward life.

But there are times where I have to admit it can be a bit much.

For example: we're going on a short weekend trip to Los Angeles, leaving Friday night and returning early Monday morning. We have two children. Our son, the oldest will be staying with my mother-in-law for the most part, who lives a 3-mile drive away. My mother will be staying in our apartment and looking after our 8-month daughter for three nights.

My mother has raised four children. We're all still alive. She's also the oldest of eight siblings, whom she also pretty much raised until she got married.