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Source: Instagram

Woman Who Thinks Mothers Deserve Special Treatment Gets a Special Roast Online


Moms adore talking about being moms. I suppose I kind of get it — if I had spent nine months with a little tyke gestating inside me, then was struggling to shape it into a half-decent human being, I might also find discussing my motherly struggles more pressing than rehashing every celebrity's Emmys outfit, or processing last season's finale of This Is Us.

But sometimes it's like, we get it. While you've managed to create a small human thanks to the miracle that is life (we know, it is crazy), you're not alone, hon. Others have accomplished this feat too, pretty much since the beginning of time. 

So even though we're all exalted for you and the tiny boogers you've brought into the world, moms still deserve to be put in their place from time to time. And one particular mother was — dare we say — begging for this roast that came her way. 

This woman photographed herself in jeans and a white t-shirt, holding a coffee cup (this whole ensemble is the unspoken uniform of Basics) and a VERY elaborate sign she went through painstaking lengths to create.