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Couple Is Hiding Gender of Their Baby to Protect Them From "Unconscious Bias"


A couple from Keynsham in the United Kingdom are refusing to tell friends and family the gender of their baby to protect them from "unconscious gender bias." Mother Hobbit Humphrey, 38, and father Jake England-Johns, 35, live on a houseboat near the city of Bath alongside 17-month-old Anoush.

The married couple are both circus performers and members of the Extinction Rebellion climate action group, which staged a series of protests that closed down much of London earlier this year. Protestors from the group tied themselves to fences and glued themselves to trains and buses to compel government action on the climate crisis. 

Hobbit and Jake revealed to the BBC that they are currently dressing their baby in both boys and girls clothes and have asked friends and family to address the toddler using the gender-neutral pronouns, "they" and "them." According to the couple, one of the child's grandparents only discovered the baby's biological gender after 11 months, when changing a diaper.