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Source: GoFundMe

Teen Ends up in ICU and Nearly Dies After Vaping


Vaping is billed as a healthier, safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes aren't trendy anymore, but vape pens like the Juul are marketed to teens as a cool, fun habit. There are different varieties and flavors and teens are only just coming to the realization that, even though they don't have the same risks as regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes can have equally disastrous consequences on one's health. 

Several months ago, Chance Ammirata landed in the hospital with a collapsed lung because he'd been vaping every day for 18 months. Since then, there have been several stories of kids who've ended up with life-threatening lung damage due to their e-cig habit. Maddie Nelson of Nelphi, Utah, is just the latest case in what seems to be becoming an epidemic. 

Source: GoFundMe