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Source: istock

Vaping Teens Who Tried To Mess With Police Get Trolled On Twitter

By Aimee Lutkin

Being a rebel looks and feels cool, so of course everyone wants to engage in some civil disobedience now and again. I'll refrain from making a reference to Cybill Shepherd's autobiography though and stick to the topic at hand: sometimes going out of your way to look like a rebel can backfire miserably, something that these youngsters learned the hard way when they started getting silly with their vaping contraptions as a means of antagonizing local law enforcement. Well, their attempt at antagonizing the po-pop, anyway.

A group of teenages from Lawrence, Kansas., are getting roasted online for seemingly trying to take on the local police department in a Twitter war and spectacularly losing. Someecards reports that the group of teens took a video vaping in front of what he thought was a police car. 

Then one of them posted it, tagging the police department's social media account. The tweet has since been removed, but one Twitter user saved it for the history books...