Side-by-Side Tweets Expose Hypocrisy of People Complaining About Protesting During the Pandemic

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jun. 8 2020, Updated 1:35 p.m. ET

A tweet from @TheEpicDept has gone viral for exposing the hypocrisy of many who are complaining that protesters should stay inside because of the pandemic. People who, just a couple of weeks ago, were complaining about social distancing and quarantines are now, for some reason, complaining that people protesting aren't following the rules.

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That reason? Racism. The tweet, which includes screenshots from four different people, shows how different they reacted to the government's suggestion to stay home because of the pandemic and to those who have been protesting in the streets for Black Lives Matter.

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One person wrote that their "tyrannical governor" was keeping them "hostage" while a pandemic raged, but when a curfew was put into effect for protesters, they said, "A curfew in place...means in the house."

Do you see the hypocrisy there? I'm sure you do. The problem is that they don't. The second people took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, as soon as the cause was Black lives instead of their ability to go get a haircut, they did a complete 180.

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Donald Trump has claimed liberals want "forever quarantine," but progressive argue they only wanted a comprehensive and responsible approach to curbing a deadly pandemic. Now that these "liberals" are the ones out in the streets fighting for the rights of Black people, Trump and his supporters are trying to claim they're the ones breaking the rules, that they're the ones who will ultimately be responsible when another wave of the pandemic hits.

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Dr. Rob Davidson went viral on Twitter for explaining exactly why it will not be the fault of the protesters when a second wave of the pandemic hits. 

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In this thread, he writes that the rushed reopening of states like Arkansas, Arizona, California, and more is already to blame for a spike in COVID-19 cases in recent days. There is no national testing program, in fact, no plan to safely reopen, and that's the real problem. 

"The president has a transparent motive to link a rise in #COVID19 to #peacefulprotests against police brutality," Dr. Davidson writes. "However, reopening entire states nationwide is far more risky than targeted protests in select cities. We wouldn't see an impact of protests for another few wks."

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The incubation period of two to 14 days for COVID-19 means that the spikes that are happening already in many states are not because of the protests but because of the states that have already reopened against health experts' recommendations. 

Also, Dr. Davidson writes, "the risk of an African American man dying at the hands of the police in their lifetime is 1 / 1000. Which means the current state of policing in America is a public health crisis."

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The people who were mad about quarantine measures were protesting and fighting for the right to let them put others in danger. Those protesting police brutality are fighting to save lives.

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