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Source: Twitter

An Adorable Coyote and Badger Hanging out Together Have Broken the Internet


Y'all. I cannot stop watching this video. The Peninsula Open Space Trust's (POST) wildlife cameras recently captured the cutest unlikely animal friend pair: a coyote and a badger, hanging out together in the San Francisco Bay Area. They posted the video to Twitter, where it proceeded to go completely viral and warm the hearts of everyone on the internet. 

"This is the best thing you'll see all day!" their tweet reads. They were not exaggerating. In the video, a coyote can be seen excitedly waiting at the mouth of a tunnel for an off-screen friend. It's hopping around, clearly super happy to see its friend. Then, a little badger waddles on screen, and the two of them set off on their nighttime hunting adventure. Everything about it is perfect.