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Source: Twitter / Instagram

Guys Beg to Play With Their Neighbor's Dog and Get the Cutest Response Ever


Dogs make lives better. It's a proven fact. And if you have the opportunity — no matter how remote — to possibly interact with a dog, you simply have to do everything in your power to try to make that happen. And there are four guys in the U.K. who understand that wholeheartedly. Jack McCrossan and his roommates had been admiring a pup in their neighborhood and decided, since they couldn't have a dog of their own, they would ask if they could meet her.

They wrote a letter to their neighbors explaining the situation and offered their playing and walking services. It's the most adorable thing you'll read all day. Four grown man asking their neighbor to play with their dog. You love to see it. But what's unexpected and even more adorable is the response they received.