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Source: Facebook / Instagram

This Cat Got Put in Solitary Confinement for Repeatedly Letting Other Cats Escape


It's not every day you come across an animal who's constantly fighting for the rights of his peers, but that's who Quilty the Cat is. He will go down in history for starting a coup at the Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization. Someday, a bust of Quilty made from the hairballs of the cats he worked to rescue will stand... probably right at the door to the "senior room" because that was Quilty's favorite spot. 

You see, Quilty recently went viral for repeatedly opening the door to the room in which he was being held and letting all the other cats escape. A hero among cats, Quilty quickly became a pain in the butt for the employees and volunteers at Friends of Life. But thanks to those humans who have had to deal with Quilty's antics, we now know about the legend that is Quilty.