These Friends Found out That All of Their Crocs Were Made in Completely Different Countries

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 14 2023, Updated 4:33 p.m. ET

Whether you wear them regularly or you have been in a constant state of "WHAT ARE THOSE?" ever since they were invented, Crocs have become a wildly popular brand of footwear. Having first been released back in 2002, these hole-riddled foam-based shoes have either become are either an ironic fashion statement or the bane of sneakerheads and taste-havers everywhere with virtually no in-between. The shoes have even earned meme status on Know Your Meme for their odd design and absurdly wide appeal.

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But whether you love them or hate them, Crocs are here to stay. In fact, the brand has sold nearly 300 million pairs of shoes by 2017 and even experience a massive surge of popularity between 2020 and 2022, due partly to a shift in consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These days, Crocs are something you'll probably find all over the world. However, it might surprise you to know that they're made all over the world too, as one group on TikTok discovered.

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A group of friends discovers that all of their Crocs are made in different countries.

In a TikTok posted in early August 2023, TikToker Ahleesahc (@ahleesahc) made an interesting observation about her Crocs when compared to other Crocs. At the time, she was with a group of people who were all wearing Crocs at the time. You might not believe what she found.

She kicks off her short video by revealing that her Crocs were made in Mexico. Then she went down the line to the rest of the Crocs wearers. One person was wearing Crocs made in Vietnam, another pair was from China, and the fourth pair was made in Indonesia.

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You don't need Google Maps to tell you how far all of these countries are from each other, but it's certainly interesting to know that Crocs are manufactured in vastly different parts of the world.

The official Crocs website even lists many of their countries of manufacturing. These include China, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, or Bosnia.

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Interestingly enough, it doesn't list Indonesia as one of the countries, even though one pair is supposedly from there. In fact, other sites like Wearably Weird confirm that some Crocs are also made in Argentina, Romania, and Herzegovina.

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As if that weren't intriguing enough, OP even tested out different pairs of Crocs and found that they all felt a little different. In a follow-up TikTok, she stepped into each pair of shoes and rated her comfort level in each one.

In her personal tier list, Indonesia got a 5 out of 10 while Vietnam topped the list with a perfect 10. Mexico earned an 8 and China closes out the rankings with a 9. However, she even tried a pair of Crocs from Colorado in a third video, which she called the comfiest of all the ones she tried on.

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Commenters started checking their own Crocs.

If you're a Crocs owner who went to check your own pair to see where they're from after seeing this, you're not alone. Plenty of people in the comments of the original video checked their own Crocs to see where they were manufactured.

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Some got similar results to the Crocs wearers in the comments. However, other people found that their shoes were made in places like Bosnia.

Many also deduced that their different manufacturing locations is a big reason as to why Crocs sizes always run different on different occasions.

So where are your Crocs from? Are they from a different country or is the manufacturing center around the corner from you?

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