TikTok Is Roasting a Customer Who Pretended Not to Receive a Giant Instacart Order

A customer reportedly pretends not to receive a giant Instacart order. Footage on TikTok reveals that the personal shopper fulfilled the order.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Dec. 28 2022, Published 12:06 p.m. ET

The convenience of having things delivered to us in this modern age can't be understated. Delivery systems have evolved far past Amazon packages and pizza, and people can now even receive groceries and local supplies on their doorstep without having to leave their homes using services like Instacart. On the one hand, Instacart can be a great boon to people with disabilities who need essential items, or for those who are confined to their houses during global pandemics.

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Unfortunately, some people take advantage of these systems in the worst way possible. The well-being of the workers who compile and deliver these orders is still of vital importance, but some online customers apparently don't see it that way.

In recent news, a home-based customer pretended not to receive a giant Instacart order in an attempt to game the system at the expense of a shopper's time, energy, and resources. The situation was exposed on TikTok, and the internet has some words.

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A customer pretends not to receive a massive Instacart order. TikTokers respond.

In case you weren't aware, Instacart doesn't simply compile your grocery order and deliver it to you without any effort. Once an order is filled and posted at a participating store, a personal shopper associated with the store (i.e., an actual person) takes their time to collect the items and deliver them.

But the human element of Instacart seems completely lost on one online customer in particular. In late December 2022, TikTok user @argograyson posted about a massive Instacart order from Walmart.

Reportedly, the single order required two carts to fit all of the items and backed up the line at the grocery store. The order took over two and a half hours to fulfill, but to make matters worse, the shopper almost didn't get paid. According to @argograyson, "the customer ended up reporting to Instacart saying they didn't receive their order." Luckily, the TikToker had the video footage to refute the claim and receive proper compensation for their labor.

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The story thankfully had a happy ending, but that certainly hasn't excused the customer from trying to take advantage of Instacart's services in such a predatory manner.

In their video, @argograyson urged other Instacart customers to "please be considerate and be f---ing for real" when making their orders. In the comments, @argograyson claims that the customer even came out to claim their order.

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Others have commented words of support for the Instacart worker. One person writes,"I don't understand why people try to take advantage of people just trying to make a living."

Some have even put Instacart on blast, stating, "I'm a shopper and Instacart does not support their shoppers. I feel you..."

Another person commented, "I think it's SO FUNNY how service workers are seen as servants instead of humans trying to LIVE."

Delivery services can be a major convenience for all sorts of people, but that certainly doesn't mean that people should take the workers within this industry for granted.

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