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Dad "Pranks" Son by Telling Him They're Going to Disneyland (Spoiler: They Didn't)


One dad is on the receiving end of the internet's rage for pulling a "mean" Disneyland prank on his son.

This story probably hits super close to home for me because my father once had me and all of my siblings tell our teachers we'd be out for a week because we were going to Disney World.

The morning we were supposed to leave for the trip, my father couldn't do it. "Something came up. There was a change of plans."

My mom offered to let us stay home but I told her I just wanted to go to school. But then, after walking through those doors and into my classroom, and seeing everyone look at me like, "Yo, what're you doing here?" My little third grade self couldn't handle the embarrassment. I walked right on over to the nurse and said I was feeling sick. My mom talked to the staff and the school and let me come home and lick my wounds like the little-feeling-sorry-for-myself nerd I was.

It obviously affected me. Here I am, years later, still getting red-eared when I think of how embarrassingly sad it was that I ever thought I could go to Disney World on an honest-to-goodness fun-filled family vacation.

The point I'm trying to make is that you do not mess with a child and tell them they're going to Disney and then not take them. To a child, it's like being denied entrance to heaven, only way worse. As far as I know, Heaven doesn't have Space Mountain or those dope little teacups or a guy dressed up like Gaston to challenge me to a push-up contest.