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Source: Twitter

Prankster Fools Her Dad With Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts — Twice

By Pippa Raga

Christmas is all about spending several days sharing enclosed spaces with loved ones, and once the catching up and hugs and "look how much you've grown" comments wear off, you have to get creative about how you're going to make the most of the rest of your time.

For the most genius and savage among us, this means meticulously developing pranks that'll get the whole family laughing (or crying) for the 365 days to come. 

Judy Brown gave the prank she pulled on her father more than a little thought this year. And it was well worth all the planning, because she won the internet over on Christmas. 

Her anecdote begins with recounting the prank she played on her father two years ago. This is something of a walk down memory lane, setting up the stage for the wonders that were about to come.

Source: Twitter