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These Senior Pranks Are Actually Incredibly Wholesome

These Senior Pranks Are Actually Incredibly Wholesome
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Updated 1 month ago

Sometimes the internet is a wholesome place, and we have to enjoy it while we can. Gather round and take in the goofy harmlessness of senior pranks, which are currently filling everyone's timelines.

It begins with the startling accuracy of this "car through the wall" prank in Wisconsin:

This is incredibly well-done, the creme-de-la-creme of pranks. 

But there are so many more that are so much goofier and sweet, like just saran-wrapping a golf cart:

Or throwing some balloons around:

Making a room prettier with pastels:

Even the principals aren't too mad:

But if water is too controversial, go back to balloons:

And saran-wrap:

Sometimes the seniors kept things fresh with foil:

But it always comes back to balloons:

I do gotta say, as cute as these pranks are, the water ones are probably pretty annoying for the janitor.

But not as annoying as it probably was for school officials when the kids put out an ad to sell the school itself:

Well, there are bound to be some bad apples in the senior prank bunch.

The kids at my school released lives crickets into the escalators senior year. That's even worse to clean up than a thousand Dixie cups full of punch.

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