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Source: Twitter

These Senior Pranks Are Actually Incredibly Wholesome

By Aimee Lutkin

Sometimes the internet is a dark and scary place — especially when it comes to students and the pranks the think are funny. Like these students who pulled cruel pranks on their teachers, even making some of them cry and probably rethink ever deciding to become a teacher in the first place. Other times the internet is a wholesome place, and we have to enjoy it while we can. Because when the local police department can laugh about the stunt you pulled, you know you didn't cross the line and ruin everyone's day at your attempt to leave a  lasting legacy at your high school. 

So, gather round and take in the goofy harmlessness of senior pranks, which are currently filling everyone's timelines.

It begins with the startling accuracy of this "car through the wall" prank in Wisconsin:

Source: Facebook