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Source: iStock

Toddler Locks a Dad's iPad for 25 Million Minutes After Trying to Unlock It


Kids love doing things they're told not to do. Whether it's throwing a tantrum over bananas, or in the 21st century, playing with a parent's cell phone or tablet. Kids are increasingly becoming glued to screens, and it's getting easier and easier to babysit our kids with YouTube. But this can have some unintended consequences.  

Twitter user Evan Osnos, a writer for the New Yorker, recently discovered the damage that kids can do when they get their hands on our technology. As one of millions of Apple users, Osnos has a pass code set on his iPad. If someone enters an incorrect pass code multiple times over a certain period of time, the iPad will eventually get locked for security reasons. 

When Osnos' three-year-old got his hands on his iPad, the toddler managed to get the iPad locked for 25 million minutes. That's 48 years.