Dad Makes Surprise Appearance on Daughter’s Flight, Pulls Off Ultimate Prank

A dad surprises his daughter on a plane with a well-meaning prank that actually creeped her out at first. Check out what folks have to say.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jun. 26 2023, Published 5:05 p.m. ET

Flying on a plane can be a stressful time. You're expected to get to the airport three hours before your flight at least, wade through long security lines, and hope that your gate doesn't change 10 times so you can take a minute to relax before take-off. For most of us, we try to do everything we can to make the whole experience a little more bearable, and we would hope that something would help us relax on the way up and out from wherever we're flying from.

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That might just be what one dad had in mind when he boarded a plane with his daughter. In a short but sweet TikTok, father @smac51 decided to surprise his daughter with a surprisingly elaborate prank as she was boarding an airplane.

The prank actually ended up taking a couple of twists before the daughter realized what's happening, but it ended up being a heartwarming experience between parent and child nonetheless. Here's how the dad pulled off this adorable prank.

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A dad surprised his daughter on a plane in a sweet TikTok.

As someone who looks to be of a slightly older generation, @smac51 on TikTok doesn't have too much of an online presence, but that didn't stop this prank on his daughter from warming hearts on the internet.

The video, which was posted on May 14, 2023, starts almost as soon as the daughter approaches her seat.

The dad kept his camera on in selfie mode as his daughter came into the frame, keeping it trained on her the whole time as she boarded. He even wore a semi-large hat over his head so she wouldn't see that it was him right away.

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As the daughter came close to her seat, she politely asked another person in her three-seat clump to get up as she put her carry-on in the overhead bin. The fellow flyer complied as she scooted past to take her seat for the flight.

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Funnily enough, there was a bit of tension leading up to the reveal. The daughter actually spotted the phone as it was recording her face. Not realizing that the person holding the phone was her dad at first, she made a bit of an uncomfortable face and turned to him sternly, ready to call him out.

When she realized it was her dad, she immediately burst out in a wheezing laughter. She was happy and undoubtedly relieved that the man she thought to be someone unsavory was actually her dad.

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"I was so creeped out," the daughter admitted as she leaned in lovingly toward her dad. Even the person sitting next to them was amused at the prank as it unfolded.

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Commenters on the TikTok also took notice of the daughter's initial reaction to the prank.

"I love her assertive nonverbal stare," one person wrote in response to the daughter's reaction.

"Girl was NOT about to let the filming slide," another person commented.

"I love that she was ready to speak up for herself immediately," someone else said.

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The full story to the prank, including how her dad ended up on the same flight, might be a mystery, but there's clearly no love lost between this daughter and her prankster of a dad.

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