Stepsister of the Bride Steals Her Wedding Gown on Her Wedding Day to Go Get Coffee and Donuts

A bridal influencer shares a 21-year-old secret she kept for the stepsister of a bride. She wore the bride's wedding dress on her wedding day.

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Jun. 26 2023, Published 3:02 p.m. ET

So, 21 years ago, a bridal influencer agreed to keep a shocking secret. The secret was finally revealed after the bride accompanied a friend to the influencer's wedding dress shop to try on gowns. The owner, who shares content on TikTok using the handle @bridalinfluencerkasia called the bride "Barbara" in a series of videos that take us back to 2002 when "Barbara" said "I do."

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At that time, the influencer had been hired to help dress the bride on her wedding day, since "Barbara" didn't want her stepsister and stepmother in that role — and apparently there was a reason!

Read on for the jaw-dropping story of what the stepsister dared to pull on the bride's wedding day and why the helper decided to keep it a secret for 21 years.

A stepsister steals bride's wedding dress and bridal influencer keeps the incident a secret.

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On that snowy morning all those years ago, the shop owner described the scene in the bridal suite as "chaos," with eight bridesmaids and a stepmother. As she said in her first video, "the bride was really stressed out" and "not OK."

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Meanwhile, amid this hectic scene, the only person who was missing was the stepsister, who had allegedly stepped out to get donuts for the wedding party — an unneeded errand given the ample spread of food in the suite.

Then, when the TikTok creator went to set up the photo opp for the wedding gown in a room located on another floor, the precious garment wasn't hanging on the doorframe where it was supposed to be.

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So, where was the wedding dress? In a part 2 of the wedding secret video, the creator shares the unbelievable move the stepsister pulled on the bride's wedding day.

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The stepsister dared to put on the bride's wedding dress on her wedding day.

Just as the TikTok creator was sprinting back to the suite to tell the bride that her dress was nowhere to be found, the elevator door opened to reveal the stepsister wearing the "stolen" wedding gown.

Not only was she donning the precious dress, but she also had ahold of the bride's fur coat and train. To top it off, the stepsister's hands were full with four cups of coffee and a box of donuts!

Unfathomably, the stepsister tried to play it off like she had scored donuts and coffee for free because she was a bride — not! Meanwhile, the creator was demanding, "Are you out of your mind?"

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She proceeded to demand of the stepsister, "Get the dress off right now!"

In a panic, the bridal expert scanned the dress for damage, and in horror, saw it was wet at the bottom from the snow outside.

Just as the bride and bridal party were about to charge into the room, the influencer was able to get the stepsister out of the dress. "She doesn't know at this point what had happened," the creator explained.

The bride didn't find out about the incident — until 21 years later.

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Why did the creator keep the stepsister's secret all those years?

With the wedding dress damp from the snow and showing some dark spots — the stepsister was shorter than the bride — the creator was able to hide the damage, although, she vented in her video that the stepsister essentially put the gown on to grab coffee and donuts.

"What was she thinking?" she demanded.

As for why she ultimately didn't let the bride in on what was going on at any point that day, the bridal stylist swears it's because "Barbara" was already stressed and "freaking out" — and remember, it was her wedding day!

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Not only that, but the stepsister "begged" her not to tell the bride — although she never provided a reason for her shocking move.

Then, 21 years later, according to the bridal influencer, "in a drunken situation," the stepsister revealed that she tried on the gown on the bride's wedding day. Enough time had passed that the bride was unbothered.

As "Barbara" told the creator all those years later the day she visited the shop with her friend, she was glad the stylist kept her stepsister's secret back in 2002, because it would have been too much on the wedding day.

She even complimented the creator on her "professionalism." And it seems she has no regrets.

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