Bombastic Side Eye! Viral Video Shows Groom Walking Down the Aisle While on His Phone

In a now-viral video, a man is seen on the phone while walking down the wedding aisle — and social media has ripped him a new one. Details here.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 5 2023, Published 5:18 p.m. ET

When it comes to your wedding day, most folks think about the joy of spending the rest of their life with their special someone. Of course, the momentous occasions is filled with activities meant to capture memories — from interacting with videographers to taking photos with your wedding party.

Not to mention, the walk down the aisle as a married couple is marked as a time where you’re basking in the moment. Apparently, that wasn’t the case for one groom.

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In a now-viral video, a groom was seen scrolling on his phone with his newly minted bride while walking down the wedding aisle. And of course, social media has delivered a mix of hilarious jokes and epic reads. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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A viral TikTok video shows a man scrolling on his phone while walking down the wedding aisle with his new bride.

Bombastic side eye … criminally offensive side eye! Some folks just can’t stay away from their phones for an extended period of time.

In a now-deleted TikTok video shared on Twitter, a groom is walking up the aisle after presumably tying the knot with his newly minted bride. While it’s pretty normal for the married couple to be only focused on each other, the groom is more focused on his phone.

Yes, you read that correctly!

The bride who looks nothing short of gorgeous is all smiles as she holds the groom's hand. But the groom is busy scrolling through his phone. After a few seconds, he looks up and then looks back at his phone.

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Once the couple makes it up the aisle and outside of the church, he finally looks at his bride while holding the phone in his hand. Even worse, as he helps her down the stairs, he continues to stare at his phone.

The video concludes with a shot of the train of the bride's dress.

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Social media is divided on the groom’s focus on his phone instead of his bride at the wedding.

Baby … if you ask most brides — or anyone jumping the broom — they'd likely agree that their partner should be so stunned and captivated by their beauty, and should only be able to look at them and only them.

However, given that the groom in this case seemed more concerned with his cellular device, folks are convinced he was either forced to marry or simply not that interested in the bride.

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“Imagine on your wedding day not being happy. This man was either forced or doesn’t love this lady. Why get married then? Well, let's mind our own issues.” one person tweeted.

“This marriage is over,” another person commented.

On the flip side, Black Twitter can never take anything seriously and the jokes have been making their way down the timeline.

“When there's a fire thread on Twitter and you can't leave the streets yet,” one person commented.

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The general consensus under the post is that the groom should cherish the moment instead of concentrating on his phone. After all, this is a moment you’ll never get back with your loved one.

As such, folks believe that the bride should file annulment papers immediately since the groom’s behavior is the ultimate sign of disrespect.


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