Bride-to-Be Says Guests Must Submit Outfit Choice at Time of RSVP for Approval

Kelly Corbett - Author

May 26 2023, Published 1:18 p.m. ET

Tiktoker Kiara Dejsus
Source: TikTok / @kiara.dejesus

If you thought this couple was selfish for not serving food at their wedding so they could afford to have Mickey and Minnie Mouse make an appearance, wait until you hear about bride-to-be TikTok creator @kiara.dejusus' rules for her big day.

While it looks like her guests will get to eat, they must abide by an extremely strict dress code and have their outfits pre-approved before the ceremony. Naturally, TikTok has some opinions on that. Keep reading for her full list of wedding rules.

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Bride asks that all guests wear black to her wedding and submit their outfit choice to her when they RSVP.

TikTok creator Kiara just wants her special day to be one to remember. That said, she has created a few rules that guests are expected to follow, and explained her reasoning in a series of videos starting on April 24, 2023.

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The first and most important rule of Kiara's wedding, she explains, is that all guests must wear all black. And no, this isn't a suggestion. It's mandatory.

In a video discussing this must-do, she wrote "We will be having a door person refusing entry to those that did not respect the dress code."

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In a follow-up video, she elaborated more on the dress code.

Besides all black attire, she asks all women to wear their hair up. She explained: "I'm going to have my hair down. I'm trying to stand out. No copying me."

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Kiara also noted that guests must submit their outfit choice to her when they RSVP. This is to ensure that everyone will follow the dress code and that no one will be copying each other's outfits.

Furthermore, women are not allowed to wear red lipstick, pearl jewelry, or strapless dresses as that might take attention away from her. Plus, if a female is taller than her, they must wear heels.

All accessories brought to the wedding must be yellow gold, too.

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In the comment section, many folks were taken aback. "Not only would I not go, I wouldn’t send a gift either," wrote one user.

"Immediately no, I’m not coming," said another.

In response to these comments, Kiara made another TikTok video teasing them about claiming they're not coming to a wedding that they were never invited to.

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Meanwhile, others believed Kiara was making all of these untraditional requirements up. "Gotta be satire… right?" wrote one user. "Is this a joke?" asked another. Kiara assured users this was real.

But when one user called her a "brat," she appeared to change her story.

TikTok comments on Kiara Dejus' wedding dress code video.
Source: TikTok/@@kiara.dejesus

"I'm not actually like this and it's all a joke," she confirmed to one user. That said, was this all just one big bridezilla hoax?

It looks like we'll just have to wait until she posts on her big day to see what everyone is wearing.

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