Woman Catches David’s Bridal Employees Gossiping About Her Dress Behind Her Back

Haylee Thorson - Author

May 15 2023, Published 1:53 p.m. ET

Wedding dress and veil on an armchair in a bridal store
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It’s no secret that shopping for milestone occasions can be incredibly stressful. From finding a flattering fit to selecting pieces reflective of one’s style, feeling supported when searching for the perfect dress is very important.

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Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for one TikTok creator when trying on items at David’s Bridal.

@bipolar.disorder.adhd (Olive and Kashmere) on the vertical video app got candid about a shopping spree gone wrong when she caught an employee making unkind comments behind her back about the dress she fell in love.

Here’s what went down.

TikTok creator @bipolar.disorder.adhd trying on a black dress David's Bridal
Source: TikTok/@bipolar.disorder.adhd
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A woman opened up about being bullied by employees at David’s Bridal while dress shopping.

After tirelessly searching for the perfect dress, Olive and Kashmere thought she had finally found the one. In her viral video, the creator explained that she spent $300 on a piece at David’s Bridal after the employees gushed about “how good the dress looked.”

However, not all was as it seemed. When browsing the department store’s jewelry section, Olive and Kashmere overheard the same employees gossiping about her dress selection.

“Yeah, I guess it's for an engagement party or something?” the creator recalled one of the David’s Bridal employees saying. “I mean, I guess if you like it…”

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The creator was appalled that the employees would speak negatively about her appearance when their job was to make her feel supported.

“It’s already so hard to shop as a plus-sized girl,” Olive and Kashmere explained. “And getting bullied by employees on your appearance at a place that’s supposed to make you feel good just hurts.”

And the comment section was just as infuriated by the employees’ unprofessional remarks.

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TikTok users shared their unfortunate experiences in the comments section.

Olive and Kashmere wasn’t the only person who had dealt with rude employees while shopping for dresses. “I had such a negative experience with David’s Bridal,” one creator commented. “So sorry you had to deal with that!”

Another user added, “Dress shopping is such a pain, especially at places like that. I’ve had such bad experiences.”

The video’s creator then responded to the user’s comment, saying, "It’s so intimidating. I asked the girl if I looked fat, and she said, ‘It’s not about how you look; it’s about how you feel.’”

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Other people in the comment section ensured Olive and Kashmere that the situation reflected poorly on the employees — not the creator’s appearance. “That tells me more about them than you,” someone wrote. “Seems like they’re pretty insecure. I’m sure your dress is beautiful.”

However, the creator still felt disheartened. “I had tried on so many dresses before that and hated how everything looked,” she responded. “I felt like I finally found one halfway decent, but now I’m just not sure.”

Olive and Kashmere’s final message to David’s Bridal and their employees is “Do better.”

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