Man Takes Out His Dentures During a Dinner Date, Sparks Debate on Proper Date Etiquette

Jamie Lerner - Author

Jan. 2 2024, Published 9:44 a.m. ET

Everyone has dating horror stories, but one woman’s horror story is another woman’s dream. On TikTok, Marie (@marieseveryday2020) shared how her date from hell turned out to be many commenters’ ideal date. During a first date, a man takes out his dentures and leaves them on the table while they eat.

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This grosses Marie out, but not everyone feels the same way. From how she reacted to what commenters said they would do instead, Marie’s dentures-infused dinner date sparked a major debate on the proper date etiquette.

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Marie’s date took out his dentures during dinner, so she left the date.

During her date, Marie took a video of her date eating and zoomed in to what looked like three teeth just sitting on a napkin next to the man's plate. It’s clear that her date took out his dentures to eat and instead of having a conversation, Marie just took a video of the dentures. Perhaps she did have a conversation with him at some point, but I can’t imagine sneakily filming anything or anyone during a date.

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Marie titled the video, “What would you do if you was [sic] on a date and this happens,” but most people don’t agree with Marie’s ick. In the caption, she revealed, “He paid for dinner and everything but I went too [sic] the bathroom and called Uber and went home,” with some laughing emojis.

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But much to Marie’s probable surprise, the TikTok community didn't come to her defense. Many people felt that Marie’s judgment wasn't fair and that her date was both a gentleman and a catch. As Marie left him behind, many TikTokers want to know where to find him and date him themselves!

Most people agree that dentures on a date aren’t a dealbreaker.

Many people in the comments disagreed with Marie’s reaction. Not only was it an overreaction, according to most, but some people saw her date’s dentures as a sign of financial stability and self-care. “Partials are expensive even with insurance,” one person wrote. “All this says is he got money!”

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Another commented, “Good, you made room for a real woman to find him,” insinuating that Marie isn’t worthy of his love if she’s grossed out by dentures. Dentures and teeth repair are a part of life, and if a man has to wear them, he might as well take care of them! Dates are a chance to get to know people for real, and there’s nothing wrong with the fact that he was being real.

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Someone else added, “I would maybe get him a small cute container for this and keep it safe for him until after dinner. Especially if he a good man. They rare baby.” Good men are rare! And if a partial denture is going to stop someone from dating a good man, then we’ve got bigger problems. This comment is also a great solution to Marie’s ick — the dentures aren’t on the table but she’s doing something kind for him.

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Plus, we have no idea if he asked beforehand or what their conversation was like. It’s very possible he said something, which is a great way to break the ice! People are meant to be vulnerable and real on dates, so the fewer facades that stay up, the better. Luckily, the people in the comments agree.

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