Davis Family Picks up On "Red Flag" Signs From Jasmine in 'Seeking Sister Wife' (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

In an exclusive clip from the May 20 episode of 'Seeking Sister Wife,' potential new sister wife Jasmine raises red flags while with the Davis family.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

May 17 2024, Published 10:45 a.m. ET

Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife welcomes back the Davis family, now comprising Nick, April, Jennifer, and Danielle. The season kicks off with noticeable tension among the four as they discuss the prospect of adding a fourth wife to their dynamic.

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In an exclusive clip from the May 20 episode obtained by Distractify, it's revealed that the tensions have eased within the growing Davis family, as they are seen spending time with a potential new sister wife. However, the encounter doesn't go as smoothly as anticipated.

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The Davis family notices "red flags" with Jasmine in 'Seeking Sister Wife.'

In the exclusive clip, we witness the start of the Davis family's first sleepover with their potential new sister wife, Jasmine. As Nick helps Jasmine join his other wives in the hot tub, his voiceover states, "We're all having a good time, and I just think … a good way to unwind and kind of get close and hang out with each other is to get in the hot tub."

Nick soon enters the hot tub and promptly swims over to April for a kiss before settling between Jasmine and Danielle, who deliberate on which game to play. Jasmine proposes "Three Questions," which will help them get to know each other better.

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Explaining the rules to the Davis family, Jasmine says, "You have to answer these three questions and give deep, meaningful reasons for your answer," eliciting awkward smiles and nervous laughter from the group.

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As the game commences, Jasmine asks the first question: "What is your favorite color?" The Davis family begins to understand the essence of the game, with Jasmine disclosing her love for the color blue, elaborating, "I love blue exactly the way that it is, in every form that I have ever met blue in my life."

"Whenever you get into a deep, deep, deep blue, like in the deep deeps of the ocean, it starts to become almost mysterious,” Jasmine wraps up with a light smile and a chuckle as the Davis family sits quietly.

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Next up is April, who shares that her favorite color is red. She tells the group, "I am a Leo, and so Ruby is my birthstone. Something about it just attracts me; maybe it's like a power color for me or something."

Jennifer chimes in, "Symbolism of power, feeling confident."

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The scene shifts to a Davis family confessional, where April discloses that Jasmine's desire to converse and play the question game in the hot tub is "a little red flag but not major."

Danielle agrees, saying, "I mean, if we're in the hot tub-" But before she can finish, Nick interjects, implying that hot tub gatherings typically lean toward physical intimacy rather than deep discussions.

Attempting to shrug off Nick's bold comment, Danielle's expression gives her away, confirming his accuracy. Laughter erupts, and Danielle quips, "Don’t ask me my favorite color in the hot tub," sparking more laughter among the group.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. Stream the next day on Max.

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