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Source: tiffanie cedillo

Toddler Gets 2nd-Degree Burns on Feet When Daycare Lets Him Outside Without Shoes


An outraged mom posted photos of her toddler's feet after a daycare allowed her to walk outside without any shoes on a hot day.

As a parent, the idea of leaving my children home alone with someone other than me or my wife is nerve-wracking, and I'm even talking about members of my own family here. We're lucky enough to have plenty of relatives, including both of our mothers, who live close by enough to watch over our son and daughter.

The reason why I'm so thankful is that the thought of leaving my young children at a daycare is really scary. That's not to say there aren't centers that are amazing and run by incredible people who truly love to watch over kids, but it still freaks me out. 

While I'm very lucky to be in a situation where I don't need daycare, tons of people rely on them to support themselves and their family.

Like Tiffanie Cedillo, who has a 16-month-old daughter enrolled in Wee Care for All in Brenham, Texas. She received a call one day from one of the employees at the center that her daughter had burns on her feet. After her heart most likely dropped to the pit of her stomach, she asked Wee Care what happened, and recorded the whole conversation.