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This Cable Guy Who Helped Soothe a Crying Toddler Is the Internet's Newest Crush


A cable employee is making the internet's collective heart swell with a kind gesture towards an overwhelmed mother and her child with special needs.

Being a stay-at-home mother is a much harder job than most people give credit for, especially when you're dealing with more than one kid.

Although I "bring home the bacon" for my family while my wife raises our kids for the most part, I don't have any delusions that the multiple jobs I work are in any way more difficult than what she does.

She's constantly correcting and redirecting their behavior. She's making sure they're loved, listened to, and are constantly participating in enriching activities instead of slapping a tablet in their hands or turning on the TV so she can go about her day uninterrupted. When I need to write for hours on end or leave the house at night for other gigs, she's with the kids. She's setting up play dates. She's the one breastfeeding our daughter and ensuring our home isn't a mad house.

Although I pride myself on being a present father and will pretty much prioritize spending time with my family over other almost everything, I know that I can't hold a candle to her in the parenting department. I think calling her a "superwoman" is a bit demeaning because she wasn't born with a particular set of skills or powers: she's a flesh and bone human being who goes above and beyond to get s**t done.

And it's only natural for her to feel overwhelmed sometimes, like Jessica Nash-Donnahoo was feeling with her two kids one particular day.