LuLaRoe Was Once at the Top of the Multi-Level Marketing Game

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 10 2021, Published 11:27 a.m. ET

Phrases like "pyramid scheme" and "multi-level marketing" tend to go hand in hand. Just as LuLaRoe co-founder DeAnne Brady, who is also the subject of Amazon Prime's docuseries LuLaRich.

Brady has had her fair share of legal troubles because of her company and plenty of people are curious about where she is now, after watching LuLaRich.

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Well, spoiler alert, she isn't quite done with LuLaRoe and it hasn't folded, despite lawsuits and accusations from former salespeople. With these types of businesses, the risk is always higher than the reward for its lower level employees. Especially when the promised reward is something significant enough to sink your own nest egg in.

And the woman behind it all seems to have no regrets about her business model.

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Where is DeAnne Brady now after 'LuLaRich'?

Despite the lawsuits and an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, DeAnne Brady still operates LuLaRoe. She also remains the prescient of the company, as per her Instagram bio.

Unfortunately for the internet lurkers out there, Brady's Instagram is private. However, she has spoken about her company plenty over the years.

In February 2021, LuLaRoe agreed to pay $4.75 million to settle a lawsuit based in Washington state. The lawsuit alleged that the company was a pyramid scheme and that it made false claims regarding income and potential earnings for its salespeople.

In the end, the settlement was to be paid out to Washington state distributors of the LuLaRoe brand. However, LuLaRoe denied the company was at fault.

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LuLaRoe is still regarded as a pyramid scheme by many.

Despite LuLaRoe being in business today, it isn't seen as the hopeful treasure trove of income as it once was. There are often threads on the AntiMLM subreddit dedicated to LuLaRoe horror stories.

Tons of women have come together online to share their tales of feeling duped into investing thousands of dollars they never saw profit from when they decided to get into LuLaRoe sales themselves.

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LuLaRoe was founded in 2012 under the idea of selling women's clothing through direct sales. The idea is that, in order to sell the leggings and modest tops, individuals don't necessarily have to build teams of sellers beneath them.

LuLaRoe has always been marketed as something that anyone can do if they have the ability to make sales in general. Unfortunately for many, the LuLaRoe dream was short-lived, as evidenced in LuLaRich.

Mark Stidham is still part of LuLaRoe.

Brady's husband, Mark Stidham, started LuLaRoe with her. And he's still the CEO of the company. Like Brady, Stidham seems intent on continually supporting their business model and keeping it alive. His Instagram, which is also set to private, mentions LuLaRoe in the bio and says that he's married to a "wonderful wife."

Despite the continued bad publicity, the LuLaRoe couple appears to be all about those buttery soft leggings that thousands of stay-at-home moms believe they can sell.

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