Instacart Driver Blasts Low-Tipping Customer Who Expected Her to Carry Delivery up Wild Stairs

A delivery driver showed inaccessible stairs in a viral video and social media users are appalled by the appearance of the home. Details here.

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Jun. 8 2023, Published 5:01 p.m. ET

In this day and age, being able to get groceries — or any food for that matter — delivered is a privilege. Aside from having to deal with the occasional hiccups of wrong items being selected or lengthy wait times, having food delivered is the epitome of convenience and takes a chore off our daily agenda.

Therefore, it’s only right that we treat our delivery workers with the ultimate respect. After all, they are essential workers who are key to keeping our lives afloat.

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In light of treating our delivery workers well, it’s important to ensure their safety when making a delivery. So, when a delivery driver shared a video with inaccessible stairs, social media users had a lot of opinions to share. Here’s the full scoop.

A person delivering groceries
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A TikToker and delivery driver shared a video of inaccessible stairs.

Audacity will forever be on sale!

In a May 21, 2023 TikTok video, creator Dhouga of @Doughainreality shared a clip of a delivery run they were on.

She captioned the video, “PSA: If you order food or grocery delivery, can [you] please take a second to think about the driver who has to get you your food? Thank you, kindly.”

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As the video starts, you can see a section of unkempt grass and text that reads, ”If you are ordering delivery foods and you are doing deliveries and your house is all the way up there, you're going to have to start tipping a little more because this is crazy.”

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In the video, you can see a long, disheveled staircase with grass and weeds, and a house way in the distance. The creator actually has to zoom into the house after showing the hazardous stairs she would need to climb to reach it.

A delivery person holding produce
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“Look at what I have to go through to get your stuff to your house,” the text reads as the creator shows a rinky-dink staircase railing. “Come on now, no wonder why you didn’t want to get it.”

“We are going to have to do better,” the creator said as the video ends.

TikTok users are outraged by the appearance of the home in the video.

Baby … it’s very seldom that social media users are all on one page, but Dougha’s video is a rare example of what happens when folks can call a spade a spade.

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We can all agree that the person who ordered the items may not be thinking straight when expecting a delivery person to go through what looks like a death trap to deliver their items. And to not even leave a sizable tip feels like a punch to the gut.

A person getting a food delivery order
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“I would have left it on the curb,” one person commented.

“I wouldn’t process or consider going up that safety risk. They would have to come down,” another person chimed in.

Interestingly, some users shared that the person who requested a delivery could be elderly or disabled. However, some folks clapped back by saying other measures could have been taken to ensure the safety of the delivery driver.

Truth be told, we don’t know the circumstances of the person that requested the delivery. However, it’s important to make sure that your home is at least accessible for the job to be completed. And of course, it's important to always tip our delivery folks. After all, they are doing you a favor.

We have to do better.

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