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Source: Getty Images

Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His 1993 Suicide Attempt: "I Wanted to Be Loved"


One of the most fascinating figures in sports history is Dennis Rodman, which is probably why people were so stoked when ESPN announced that they would be airing a 30 for 30 — Rodman: For Better or Worse — about the legendary rebounder and "Bad Boy" of the NBA. 

Early viewers of the documentary shared some of the questions the program answers, like whether or not Dennis is friends with Michael Jordan, and it also sheds light on the star player's near suicide attempt in 1993.

The Hall of Famer talked about the tragic day while he was a member of the Detroit Pistons with Bleacher Report. It's chilling to hear him recall not only his emotional state, but the events leading up to his decision to nearly pull the trigger.

Dennis Rodman talks about his suicide attempt in his 30 for 30 documentary. 

There's no simple answer for such a drastic reaction, but it was a response he had from a series of "moves" pulled by Detroit Pistons management.