Rumors Are Swirling That TikTok Star Icierra Died, but Are They Actually True?


Jun. 18 2021, Published 10:38 a.m. ET

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Social media has allowed real news to disseminate incredibly quickly, but it's also led rumors and fake news to spread faster than it can be fact checked. Recently, rumors that TikTok user Icierra has died have been spreading online, and many are wondering whether there's any truth to those rumors. Icierra, who had more than 300,000 followers and 12 million likes on the platform, has disappeared in recent days.

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Did Icierra from TikTok die?

Icierra, who also goes by Cierra Green, is no longer on TikTok. Users who try to visit her account receive this message: “This account was banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations.”

The disappearance of Cierra's account led some fans to worry about her, and rumors eventually began spreading that she had died. Although the rumors have spread wide and far, there has thus far been no confirmation that she actually died.

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Death reports have emerged from several sites, but there are many fans who suspect these reports could be fake news timed to the deactivation of her account.

There are other fans, though, who are taking the rumors very seriously, and are worried that Cierra may have actually died.

“Ummm did Icierra really die? There have been rumor posts on TikTok about it," one person tweeted.

“Put down my phone for a few hours and learned Icierra (from TikTok) has possibly passed away," another added.

“Did that Icierra girl from TikTok actually pass away or is it just fake news?" a third person asked.

Although rumors of Cierra's death could be true, there's been no verification thus far, even as posts about her rumored death continue to spread online.

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An Instagram account emerged claiming to be Cierra.

In the wake of death rumors, an Instagram account emerged claiming to be Cierra. The user took to their Instagram story to say that they were actually alive, although there were some users who thought the account could be a fake. The Instagram account has the same bio as Cierra's TikTok, which has now been deactivated by the platform.

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Cierra has come under fire for various controversies.

Prior to her account being banned, Cierra had come under fire for comments that some alleged were racist and homophobic, and she had also been caught up in an online harassment scandal. Cierra also mentioned in a past video that she has been diagnosed with mid-level autism. It seems that these allegations were part of the reason that Cierra's account was banned from TikTok, although the company did not provide any specific rationale.

The rumors of Cierra's death were fueled by her silence across social media in the wake of her ban, although her possible Instagram post suggests that she may have started posting publicly again. The lack of official confirmation that Cierra died has not stopped plenty of fans from worrying about the influencer, who was best known on TikTok was a gamer and cosplayer. Fans hope that she's alive and well, but as of right now, they don't know for sure.

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