Does Liam Bouchard Die in the Season 3 Finale of the CW Series 'Coroner'?

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Oct. 25 2021, Published 9:12 a.m. ET

Liam Bouchard on 'The Coroner''.
Source: CW

For three seasons, the CW’s Canadian drama series Coroner has been following the life of recently widowed Dr. Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan), who also is a newly appointed coroner in the city of Toronto. Jenny investigates unnatural, suspicious, or sudden deaths. To solve her cases, she taps not only into her tuition but also her heart and intellect.

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Season 3 of the show returned to the network in fall 2021. Jenny had to move past the trauma that she’s been through and embrace her whole self. As part of the healing process, she and her live-in-boyfriend Liam Bouchard (Éric Bruneau) were living separately, and they were also trying new forms of therapy without one another. With Liam gone Jenny was supposed to finally be able to focus on herself, but that didn't last very long at all.

Dr. Jenny Cooper at a crime scene on 'Coroner'.
Source: CW
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It wasn’t long before Jenny was tied down with a slew of new cases that forced her to unleash her real self that was locked inside. This season has been pretty dramatic, and the season finale serves up what appears to be quite the cliffhanger.

Fans were left to wonder after Episode 10 if Liam died. Keep reading to find out if his character is actually dead.

Did Liam Bouchard die in the Season 3 finale of 'Coroner'?

During Season 3, Jenny was been spending her Christmas holiday helping with the Browning murders. On what seems to be Christmas Day, after getting a call from Detective Donovan McAvoy (Roger Cross) about a lead on Caleb Browning (Dempsey Bryk), she heads out but ends up getting a flat tire. Liam hangs out with Jenny's son while she is gone, and she calls him when her car breaks down.

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Jenny ends up finding out where Caleb is hiding. She tries to tell him that he may have a tapeworm like Flora (Charlotte Sullivan). Jenny then breaks the news to him that Flora is dead. As she's talking to Caleb, it becomes clear that his brother Aaron Browning (Kristopher Turner) killed Flora and his parents.

Jenny tries to help Caleb realize that he didn't kill his parents. She comes close to completely calming him down, and then Liam finds him, and Caleb pulls out a knife on Liam. When Liam tries to take the knife from Caleb, Caleb ends up stabbing him.

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Liam bleeding from his stab wound and Jenny sitting next to him on 'Coroner'.
Source: CW

He then locks Liam and Jenny in a room. Liam is bleeding pretty badly. They end up being locked in that room for quite some time. Jenny makes sure Liam is applying pressure to his wound. At one point, when Jenny turns to look at him, Liam begins talking to her.

Liam tells Jenny that he's mad at himself for the drinking. Liam even tells Jenny that he loves her. Donovon finally shows up, and Jenny tells him that they have Aaron.

When she goes to check on Liam, it looks like it's too late. She sits down beside him and wraps her arm around him. When Jenny gets home, Peggy (Jennifer Dale) is there, and from the look on Jenny's face, it would seem that Liam died. However, Jenny doesn't say anything, so it's not clear exactly clear if he's alive or not.

Fans will have to wait until Season 4 of Coroner to find out if Liam is still alive.

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