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Here’s What Really Happened to the Resort From 'Renovation Island'


Feb. 10 2021, Updated 12:12 p.m. ET

If you haven’t started watching HGTV’s Renovation Island yet, we certainly recommend it. You don’t always get the chance to watch a couple scramble to renovate an entire beachfront resort that has been neglected for a decade in only six months, after all. That’s the premise behind the show, which features builder Bryan Baeumler and his wife Sarah (along with their four kids).

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If you weren’t already aware, Renovation Island is actually a rebroadcast of Island of Bryan, which was originally filmed for HGTV Canada. After the show was a huge hit in Canada, HGTV U.S. picked the series up to air it in the states. 

Since the show has already aired once, we can share some spoilers that American audiences haven’t seen yet. For instance, you might be wondering whether the Baeumlers were successful in their venture. Did the resort from Renovation Island ever open? Read on to find out!

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Did ‘Renovation Island’ ever open?

First, a bit of history. The Baeumlers first got the idea for their show back in 2017, when they vacationed on South Andros in the Bahamas. While there, they came across the abandoned Emerald Palms resort, which had closed down in 2011. Upon discovering that the resort was for sale, the Baeumlers made the (questionable) decision to purchase the 18-room hotel and clubhouse (plus 22 villas!) and renovate it.

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They started filming Island of Bryan (as it was initially known) in 2018, and the Baeumlers planned to open the resort in May of 2019. This was a pretty big deal as it was the first time an HGTV Canada show featured the renovation of a site that would (eventually) be open to the public for a visit.

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As for whether the resort ever opened, it did! Although it didn’t happen exactly according to plan. Considering that supplies only came in once a week (and sometimes not at all), we can’t say we’re surprised by that fact. 

Still, the Baeumlers officially opened Caerula Mar Club (the resort’s new name) in the winter of 2019. Renovating the entire resort was obviously a huge undertaking. While it seemed at first to have paid off, things have been difficult for the Baeumler family since the resort opened.

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The ‘Renovation Island’ resort is currently closed.

Shortly before the resort’s grand opening, Hurricane Dorian — the worst natural disaster in the history of the Bahamas — was on course to strike near the Baeumlers’ property. Ultimately, the category five storm did not hit their resort, but it did still affect their friends and employees who had family in other areas of the Bahamas.

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While the Caerula Mar Club managed to avoid being laid flat by a hurricane, no one could have been prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic to change the travel and vacation industry as much as it has over the past few months. Bryan and Sarah had to make the difficult call to close down the resort. Hopefully, though, the closures are only temporary. Judging by the Caerula Mar Club booking calendar, the Baeumlers hope to be back up and running by October of 2020.

In the meantime, you can watch the Baeumlers work to renovate the island resort on the show! Catch new episodes Sunday at 8 p.m. (EST) on HGTV.

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