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Source: Showtime

'The Loudest Voice' Star Russell Crowe Finds Talking About His Weight Transformation "Boring"


Altering your physique for a character is nothing new in the acting world. Oscar-winner Russell Crowe has carved out abs and sculpted muscles before shooting his iconic role in Gladiator, and even packed on the pounds for the film Boy Erased. His technique of method acting has certainly not gone unnoticed by his peers ... or fans. 

In Russell’s latest role, the 55-year-old actor plays real-life former Fox News executive Roger Ailes — who stepped down in 2016 after a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against him by Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson — in the Showtime miniseries. Unrecognizable as the network exec, many fans question if Russell Crowe gained weight for his role in The Loudest Voice