Not All Nepo Babies Have Famous Parents — This Woman Got the Jewelry Store Hook Up

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 9 2024, Published 10:16 p.m. ET

There are many iconic scenes in the 1990 hit film Pretty Woman. When Julia Roberts goes to a fancy dinner and attempts to eat escargot, only to send one of the snails flying off the table, that was great. How about the scene where she does the Arsenio Hall cheer at a polo match? It's topical but delightful. And then there's the greatest moment of them all, the epic shopping scene.

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When Richard Gere's character gives Julia's character money to go shopping, she naturally goes to where all the best stores are: Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Because that place is filled with vapid, snobby clothing store clerks who judge Julia on her appearance, she isn't able to make any purchases. This changes when she returns with Richard's character whose money does all the talking. It's very satisfying. A woman on TikTok had a similar experience and it also includes a big mistake. Huge!

A woman shopping at a jewelry store
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It always helps when you know a guy or in this woman's case, her own mother.

Meg, who goes by @megruocco on TikTok, recently discovered that she's a nepo baby of sorts. It all started with a necklace and a trip to a jewelry store. Meg got a gorgeous necklace for Christmas that was a bit too small because she's "fat and has a girthy neck." She needed a longer chain.

Meg's mother suggested she take the necklace to a jewelry store she frequents. "Get an extension on the chain and then the necklace will sit exactly how you want it," said Meg's mom. The very next day Meg found herself at the jewelry store, not unlike how Julia's character found herself at a swanky clothing store on Rodeo Drive.

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Someone at the shop tells Meg that a woman named Susan will be right with her. After Meg explains what she needs, Susan pulls out her little "jewelry microscope" and takes a hard look at the necklace. Clearly not understanding what Meg requires, Susan informs her that the clasp is not made of real gold. "No problem," says Meg. "I never assumed that it was."

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Meg asked if Susan can still add a chain to extend the necklace, to which Susan replied, "If I were to add a gold chain to the metal pieces on this necklace it would be like adding gold to a Timex instead of a Rolex. Do you see what I'm saying?" Things take an even snobbier turn when Susan suggests Meg go to Claire's, the place we have all gotten our ears pierced after every breakup. My generation's ears are filled with holes and heartbreak.

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"I maintained my composure and I say, 'Thank you so much. I appreciate that you're not trying to upsell me,' and I leave," explains Meg. Naturally, Meg's mother asked about the necklace and when she explained what happened, her mom had this to say, "Who were you talking to? Were you talking to Susan?"

How did she know? Then like something from The Godfather, Meg's mom tells her to go back to the store and mention her name. "Well, I didn't think I would ever see you here again," says Susan to Meg when she returned to the store. Once Meg dropped her mother's name, everything changed.

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Suddenly, Susan was falling all over herself to help Meg out. Coffee and tea was offered. Snacks were magically on the table. It was as if Susan was somehow indebted to Meg's mother.

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"She tells me about a secret third option that she did not divulge to me the day before where she can replace all of the metal on the necklace with the gold chain that would make it the length that I wanted." Where was this Susan the first time Meg popped into the store?

Susan is also making small talk, asking Meg about her life in New York. Things end on a decidedly strange note as Susan reveals that she is glad Meg came back because she "had no idea who she was talking to." Forget Meg, we need to know about her mother. What strange hold does that woman have over Susan?

The comments section was ablaze with similar strange nepo baby stories. It turns out you don't need to be the offspring of a celebrity to get a leg up in this world. Sometimes you only have to be Meg's mom, the woman who strikes fear in the heart of a jewelry store employee named Susan.

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