What's Going on With the 'Dirty Rotten Church Kids' Podcast? Inside the Scandal

What is the scandal going on with the 'Dirty Rotten Church Kids' podcast? Here's what we know about their current situation.

Chris Barilla - Author

Apr. 18 2022, Published 5:24 p.m. ET

Hosted by former pastors Josh Link and Adrian Gibbs, the Dirty Rotten Church Kids podcast — featuring two "millennial dads figuring out life, art, and culture on the other side of the evangelical bubble," per its Apple Podcasts description — is meant to help others unpack and process significant religious trauma.

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But it looks like there may be some trouble going on behind the scenes. Here's what we know.

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A scandal has emerged involving 'Dirty Rotten Church Kids' host Josh Link.

According to some troubling comments on a recent Instagram post on the podcast's account, it appears as though co-host Josh Link has been accused of engaging in some unethical behavior with two women who are not his wife.

User @angrychurchkid, whose name Karissa according to her Instagram page, wrote a couple of scalding messages in the comments section about Josh's alleged actions.

Karissa led off by making sure to note that the podcast's other host, Adrian, was not at fault. "We’ve all given permission for him to post what he has," she wrote, likely referring to Adrian's own Instagram post about the matter (which we'll get to later). "Because this is Adrian’s platform, he gets to decide what to do and post and he’s been put in an extremely difficult position of handling the fallout Josh’s actions caused."

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Karissa then explained: "In a nutshell, Josh pursued me and Ama (@_this_is_ama ) for most of last year on varying levels of intimacy. We didn’t know the depths of how not-ethical he was being. So many lies and exploiting Ama and my personal traumas and insecurities to feed his ego."

She continued: "[Ama] and I decided it was important to start going public to protect other women just in case because he’d used this community as a way to make his way in and gain our trust."

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She also noted that although Josh is married, she wants his wife left out of it all: "ANY AND ALL communication or comments will leave his wife out of this. She is being cared for and supported and her privacy and safety and being left tf alone is the most important thing to me and Ama. Cool?"

In a second comment on the same post, Karissa once again shouted out Adrian, calling him "supportive and lovely and solid this whole period of this coming out, despite this bringing him immense amounts of pain and confusion as well" before noting that she still considers him "a strong friend and a safe advocate."

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Addressing fans who are hurt by the fact that Josh, who championed fighting back against personal trauma, was allegedly causing it, Karissa said that his actions shouldn't invalidate all that people have learned from the show.

"I know as a former Christian it’s easy to slip back into black and white thinking, good/bad, helpful/unhelpful but what you experienced listening or engaging in their content was real and valid and you deserve to hold onto any healing that you got from them," she wrote.

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Josh hasn't spoken out about the allegations as of the time of writing, but Adrian wrote in his own post about the situation that Josh engaged in a "breach of trust and harmful behavior," and noted that he is "having conversations with Josh and all parties involved."

He also mentioned that the situation would be developing over the coming weeks and that he "will not be posting any content in the meantime." Adrian promised to keep fans updated on internal decisions regarding the podcast's future as they are made. No other specific details about exactly what Josh allegedly did were shared.

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In a note on the same post that Karissa wrote under, Ama shared her support for Adrian. "Everyone please. @angrychurchkid and I approved the post Adrian shared today. These conversations are happening. Nothing is being covered up. I am working on a post to share my story, but I would like to ask for patience so Karissa and I can the time we need. And please give Adrian the time and space to navigate this, as I can assure you he is in ways that are respectful and consent-based for Karissa and I."

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