The Property Brothers May Do a Lot Less Work Than You See on Camera

Do the Property Brothers actually do the home renovation work you see on the show? A 2021 lawsuit questioned the legitimacy of their operation.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Nov. 2 2022, Updated 4:53 p.m. ET

Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have hosted HGTV's Property Brothers since 2011, and they have always managed to give dream homes to their clients. Then came their March 2021 lawsuit, which was filed against them that claimed poor workmanship on a renovation. After that situation came to light, many started questioning a lot of aspects of the show.

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Some viewers are wondering how much of the physical work the brothers actually do, while others are curious about how many other potentially less-than-great jobs Jonathan and Drew were behind on the show.

On Property Brothers, you never see Jonathan or Drew doing much other than hammer a few nails or use a few power tools. That doesn't mean they don't do anything, but there are some questions now arising. So, do the Property Brothers actually do the work nowadays?

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Do the 'Property Brothers' actually do the work themselves?

Property Brothers was originally marketed as a series featuring a twin duo, wherein one of the brothers is a realtor and the other is a contractor who could physically get the job done. And, once upon a time, Jonathan may have been the one to do a lot of the heavy lifting. But these days, the brothers and their production company employ local contractors to help renovate homes for the show.

In that regard, Jonathan and Drew's job in helping couples get their dream homes isn't too in-depth. They do help people figure out what they want and how to get it, but they aren't part of the construction teams who actually come in to do the major work required to physically make their designs into reality.

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The 2021 'Property Brothers' lawsuit claimed shoddy workmanship on the reality show's part.

The lawsuit, filed by Las Vegas couple Mindy and Paul King, claims the brothers' work on their home wasn't finished and that wires were left exposed, while cabinet paint had begun peeling off soon after the renovations. Mindy King told Las Vegas news station KTNV, "They just come in and they bring a Sharpie or spray paint and try to make things look pretty, but they don't."

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While the lawsuit didn't make mention of Jonathan or Drew and instead targeted the local construction business and Property Brothers production company Cineflix, it still isn't exactly the best look overall.

In a statement to KTNV, the Scott brothers' attorney said: "The Kings have rejected Cineflix (Property Brothers 7) Inc.'s and Villa's reasonable attempts to remedy the remaining punch list items in the Kings' home" and alleged that the couple is only after a "substantial monetary settlement."

Does 'Property Brothers' pay for the home renovations?

Like most home renovation shows, Property Brothers doesn't foot the bill for all of the renovations. However, Jonathan and Drew do put a lot of their own money into furnishings and other details that clients on the show are getting.

In 2017, Jonathan said in a Facebook Live event that, "They'd never be able to get it for that price if it wasn't for the show."

For some, it's a worthy gamble to appear on the show and potentially get their perfect home with all of the fixings.

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