'Free Guy' May be Ryan Reynolds' Latest Attempt to Kickstart a New Franchise


Aug. 13 2021, Published 10:50 a.m. ET

It may not be a Marvel movie, but Free Guy nevertheless features plenty of action and a premise that feels remarkably original. The movie follows a non-player character named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) in an ultraviolent video game who discovers that the world he lives in is not real. Although that basic setup is intriguing, many want to know if Free Guy has any after-credits scenes that they should stick around for.

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Does 'Free Guy' have an after-credits scene?

Since the dawn of the Marvel era with 2008's Iron Man, after-credits scenes have become increasingly common as studios try to hook viewers on franchises by introducing the potential for future movies in the franchise. Not every after-credits scene ultimately results in a successful franchise, but many franchises have tried to copy Marvel's template in the years since it was introduced.

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Free Guy is not based on any pre-existing material, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the studio has no interest in creating a franchise out of the property if it turns out to be a success. Having said that, though, Free Guy is one of only a few major studio movies that doesn't feature any mid or after-credits scenes teasing future projects. If a sequel is developed, Free Guy won't provide any hints as to what will happen in it.

Will 'Free Guy' get a sequel?

No sequel to Free Guy has been announced yet, but that doesn't mean that one won't come eventually. So far, the critical reception to the movie has been overwhelmingly positive. That reception may mean that the movie will perform well enough in theaters to justify a sequel. Original projects like Free Guy are becoming rarer and rarer in Hollywood, and that's because they're often a bigger gamble than superhero movies or other projects based on pre-existing material.

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Ultimately, the decision about whether Free Guy will get a sequel will be based on how it performs at the box office both in the US and internationally. If it doesn't ultimately get a sequel, the lack of a post-credits scene mean that the story will get to have a definitive ending, which many movies made in Hollywood today don't.

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Is 'Free Guy' available on streaming?

As the Delta variant surges across many parts of the US, some are hesitant about leaving the house to see a movie. Unfortunately, those looking to see Free Guy soon will have to do it in a theater. The movie is a Disney release, but it was developed by 20th Century Fox before Disney purchased the company. As a result, it's unclear where the movie will ultimately live on streaming.

For now, though, users will have to venture out to a theater in order to see the movie.

The film may not have an after-credits scene, but that doesn't mean it's not worth seeing it or staying through the credits. It's important to acknowledge those involved in making a film, whether there's the potential for another scene or not. Making a movie is hard work.

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