Brace Yourself, 'Nancy Drew' Fans — This One Is Gonna Hurt (SPOILERS)

Following the Feb. 17 2021 episode of 'Nancy Drew' on the CW, fans are concerned for the welfare of one of their main characters, George Fan.


Mar. 24 2021, Updated 3:40 p.m. ET

Nancy Drew
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Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of Nancy Drew.

The CW's adaptation of the beloved mystery series Nancy Drew already had a pretty dark twist when the show introduced the concept of ghosts and hauntings as a threat to its characters. The show is different from the original but equally as addictive, and Season 2 has left many fans in anticipation of spooky fun to come. Now, following the events of Season 2, Episode 5, fans are wondering if main character George Fan (Leah Lewis) dies. 

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Does George die in 'Nancy Drew'?

Good news, Nancy fans! The answer is yes and no. 

In the episode titled "The Drowned Woman," Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and her friends are resigned to their fate as being murdered by the vengeful sea spirit known as the Aglaeca. They have figured out the secret of the Aglaeca — she was once a French heiress named Odette (Anja Savcic) who was executed cruelly for her money and resources, trapped in a loveless marriage. 

does george die nancy drew
Source: The CW
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The "Drew Crew" try their first approach, destroying the Aglaeca and saving themselves from imminent death. They can accomplish this with remnants of sand from previous encounters with the spirit, to be thrown as a weapon when the spirit is most vulnerable. After the Drew Crew successfully out-fox the Aglaeca's deaths for them, the group consider themselves safe.

That is, until they reunite at local restaurant The Claw and realize the Aglaeca was just rounding them up for a grand finale. Nancy discovers at the last minute that the key to defeating the Aglaeca could lay with reciting lines from her old love letters, which Nancy had on hand. During their last stand, the friends gasp for breath and recite lines from the letters by memory, stopping the Aglaeca's hold over their lives once and for all.

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Unfortunately, during the events of their confrontation, items around the restaurant are flying around, including a precariously hanging iron harpoon. When the Aglaeca is laid to rest, the harpoon falls and spears George, leaving a gruesome end to an otherwise happy occasion. 

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Desperate to save her friend's life, Nancy returns to the Horseshoe Bay Historical Society, where Hannah Gruen (Carmen Moore) has been keeping the keys to an archive of supernatural artifacts. Nancy runs in to pick up a burial shroud that can allegedly bring people back to life and uses it just in the nick of time. What the viewers notice at the end of the episode, unbeknownst to Nancy, is that George now once again has a spirit trapped within her — this time, Odette, the Aglaeca herself.

The first few episodes of Season 2 were supposed to reflect a Season 1 finale that was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it will be interesting to see where the rest of the season takes Nancy and her friends. George has already been possessed by a ghost during Season 1, so we'll have to wait and see if her friends catch on to what's happening.

Nancy Drew airs on the CW, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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