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Source: Getty

Twitter Is CONVINCED That Kacey Musgraves Wears a Wig and Here's Why


Fans of Kacey Musgraves are currently anticipating her upcoming Christmas special, The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show, which People reports will supposedly star the singer-songwriter's nana. 

But right now, a handful of fans who follow the pop-country star and LGBTQIA+ ally are currently too preoccupied to focus on her holiday project — they're in the midst of a heated Twitter debate regarding the country star's hair.

Does Kacey Musgraves wear a wig? Twitter wants to know! 

That's right — this moment in time, several Kacey fans are taking to Twitter to discuss if the singer-songwriter wears a wig. And really, who knows? Her hair is almost too perfect for words, and fans are incredibly suspicious about its authenticity.

So, does Kacey Musgraves wear a wig, or are her locks real? Stay tuned to see what Twitter thinks, but either way, the country star is seriously stunning.