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The Ending of Netflix's 'The Rain' Saw Many Characters' Final Moments



Netflix’s ‘The Rain’ finished up their last season which has told the story of a post-apocalyptic world filled with twists and turns. Season 2 was filled with shocking new developments — including some characters who didn’t make it to the end of the series. 

(Warning: spoilers for The Rain ahead) 

One character in particular, who has also been an intricate part of the show, met their maker in the show's final season. Martin, Simone's boyfriend, takes the cure for the virus and dies from it. 

Is Martin actually dead on ‘The Rain’?

When we first meet Martin, he had been the leader of a survivor group who stumbled upon the bunker in which main characters, Simone and Rasmus, had been hiding away in for six years. After some rough beginnings, Martin eventually grew to care for Simone and ultimately fell in love with her.

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At the end of the first episode of Season 3, Martin watches Simone fall off the cliff and believes that she is dead. The loss of Simone is too much for Martin to bear, and since he is so vulnerable, Rasmus, Simone’s brother, convinces him to take the virus. 

Martin finds out that Simone is actually alive. At this point, Martin is no longer in control of his virus, which is an issue especially when Simone finds out that Martin is infected. 

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She tells Martin to either leave her or ingest the cure. To protect itself, the virus comes out of Martin’s body and tries to kill Simone. To protect her, Martin takes the cure, which kills the virus inside his body. He becomes sick and ultimately dies.

Does Simone die in ‘The Rain’?

While it does seem like Simone meets her demise in the premiere episode of Season 2, she doesn’t die. Simone plunged off the side of a bridge after she tried to flee from Apollon when her brother Rasmus ordered her to be brought in.

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However, we now know that Simone survived the fall and was rescued by Daniel and his sister Luna. During her stay with them, Simone found out they had a cure that could stop the virus after discovering a rare plant. She realized the plant could be the cure and help to stop her brother from infecting the world.

‘The Rain’ ending is finally explained.

The finale finds Simone realizing that she has no other choice but to try and kill her own brother, Rasmus, who could be the final hurdle to getting a cure. She needs to inject him with the virus. Unfortunately, her initial plans fail when Rasmus makes one of his soldiers walk into Simone's trap first. However, Sarah. Rasmus’ girlfriend, shows up and makes Rasmus have a change of heart.

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Rasmus and Sarah end up sacrificing themselves by feeding the main flower (the cure), creating an explosion that kills anyone with the virus in the vicinity. Simone and the rest of the group head out into the world to hopefully spread the cure and save what's left of humanity.

In the closing monologue, Simone tributes her brother:

"You saved the world. It was you. My little brother. I was supposed to protect you. That was the plan all along: making sure that you'd never be alone. Instead, I am. All alone,” she explained. “I wish I could show you the world of tomorrow. You gave us hope. We're here thanks to you. And we're rebuilding the world in your honor. You are in everything that I do, in my every thought. You are forever my sweetheart. I love you."

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