Does Ronnie Die in the TV Series 'StartUp'? Details on the Character's Fate (SPOILERS)

Ronnie is a former gang leader who joins the GenCoin group in the TV series 'StartUp.' Leaving his old life behind is tough. Does he die on the show?

Kori Williams - Author

May 19 2021, Published 1:06 p.m. ET

Ronnie in 'StartUp'
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of StartUp.

The cryptocurrency Dogecoin is one of the next big things right now, but the Crackle series StartUp centers on a fictional kind of digital money called GenCoin. The show centers on an unexpected team. A banker named Nick, a tech wiz named Izzy, and a gang leader named Ronnie team up and try to use GenCoin to get rich quick. But an FBI agent named Phil does whatever he can to try to take them down. 

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Ronnie, a leader of the gang LH7, is played by actor Edi Gathegi. He wants to see things improve for his family and the people around him, but in Season 3, we find out that he's going through a bit of a crisis. He's left his life of crime behind, but he's trying to decide whether that was the best decision. But does he get the chance to live the life he wants? Or does Ronnie die in StartUp before he can?

Edi Gathegi
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Does Ronnie die in 'StartUp'?

At the end of Season 3, Ronnie is still alive. As of now, the fourth season of StartUp has yet to be confirmed. So he's still alive as far as we know. But Ronnie has gotten the group in danger a few times so far in the series. There have been several instances where they've been followed and he had no idea. 

There was one time when it looked like Ronnie was going to die. A character named Bogden shoots and seriously hurts him. He collapses in Izzy's arms but survives in the end (although we don't know how his injuries may affect him moving forward). This is just one of the things fans are looking forward to figuring out if the show continues with a fourth season. 

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Ronnie also wants to protect his family.

It makes sense that because of Ronnie's life of crime, he's made some enemies. Although he has a tough exterior, he's all about his family and has tried his best to make sure they're safe. He has a wife, son, and daughter whom he protects by keeping them in hiding. In fact, the whole reason Ronnie even got involved with GenCoin is so that he could provide a better, safer future for his family. 

Ronnie in 'StartUp'
Source: Netflix
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Throughout the show, Ronnie is working on a way to get his family out of harm's way for good and make sure they don't have to worry about anyone coming after them. But that could mean that there are also people who will be trying and track down or threaten them in order to get to him. 

That's why Ronnie decides to stick with the GenCoin group instead of going back to a life of crime. The group originally got into this whole mess because they were hoping for an easy way to improve their lives. Although three seasons in, it doesn't look that easy. But the group still has faith things will turn around. 

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