'90 Day Fiancé' Star Sam Wilson Is One Step Closer to Converting to Islam

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jan. 15 2024, Published 10:48 a.m. ET

Throughout the years, 90 Day Fiancé fans have witnessed couples sacrificing left and right for the sake of love. With that said, get ready because Season 10 cast member Sam Wilson is preparing for a profound romantic journey — he's committed to undergoing a conversion to Islam for his soon-to-be wife, Citra!

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As the season unfolds, Sam inches closer to this life-changing decision. The burning question is: Does he actually take the plunge? Dive into the drama below to discover if Sam embraces Islam in the name of love.

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So, does '90 Day Fiancé' star Sam Wilson convert to Islam?

At the time of writing, Sam has not disclosed on social media whether he converted to Islam for Citra or if there have been alterations to their plans. However, he has shared pictures of Citra on social media, suggesting they are still in a relationship. If Sam and Citra are indeed still together, it is likely that he either converted or still intends to do so.

During the Jan. 14, 2023, episode, Sam's journey takes an unexpected twist — with a splash of fun! He decides to seize the moment by taking Citra to a bar. Despite not being a huge drinker (and Citra's cultural restriction on alcohol), they indulge in a fruity drink, savoring a taste of rebellion before Sam embraces his new faith.

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"Before I convert, I want to have some fun, do some things we won't have the freedom to do anymore," Sam explains to the producers. "Let her be carefree, a wild child." Deep in conversation with his future wife, Sam also brings up the many things he'll have to bid farewell to once he converts to Islam, including alcohol and pork.

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Reflecting on his past struggles with addiction, he opens up, saying, "You know I'm not a big drinker. My only issue is like, when you can't — when you're not supposed to do things, then that makes it harder. You just, you know with my past, I struggle with certain things. But I want you to help set the guideline and ... where we call it quits on things."

Sam later confesses, "Alcohol, sex, drinking, drugs, used to be a big part of me, so. Always that monkey on your back saying do it, do it, just have fun, and f--k it. It's sometimes hard to resist. Even after I convert, it's still gonna be there, but I'm gonna try my hardest to be strong and just stay on the wagon. Be good. I really can't screw this one up."

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Sam's mother isn't completely convinced about his conversion.

While Sam's choice is driven by his deep love for his fiancée, his mom harbors reservations about his conversion. She appears in the January 7 episode and promptly communicates her concerns to the producers.

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"I don't believe anybody should have to change their ways or beliefs just to marry somebody," Sam's mother tells the producers, adding, "You should love them no matter what, you know? I mean there's some things you shouldn't maybe [get] married to, like, I'm gonna be blunt about this, witchcraft."

While Sam's mother acknowledges that it's ultimately his choice, she displays a preference for Citra's family to adhere to her religion, sparing Sam from having to convert to Islam for marriage. Nevertheless, it seems the stocker is willing to undergo the conversion if it means being with Citra.

Catch new episodes of 90 Day Fiancé on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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