Even If 'sMothered's Sunhe Has Breast Cancer, Angelica Will Be There For Her

Sunhe and her daughter, Angelica, are featured on the TLC series. But does Sunhe from 'sMothered' have breast cancer? Let's investigate.

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Jul. 18 2020, Updated 4:52 p.m. ET

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There are close mother-daughter bonds and then there are the unusually close, borderline co-dependent relationships featured on TLC's sMothered.  Sunhe, 52, and her daughter, Angelica, 32, are no exception. Season 1 of the series introduced the world to Sunhe and Angelica, who among other peculiar habits, share bath water and sleep in the same bed together.

"My mother and I share the same bed; I'm the little spoon and she's the big spoon," Angelica explained.

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So yeah; to say this mother-daughter duo from Las Vegas is "close" is a huge understatement.

In Season 2 of sMothered, one thing in particular has threatened to drive a wedge between Sunhe and Angelica: Angelica's fiancé, Jason. Not only is Jason still not fully divorced from his ex yet, but Sunhe is convinced he is going to ultimately break her daughter's heart.

As for Jason? He's definitely not cool with how much Sunhe interferes in his relationship with Angelic.

"Angelica made clear early in the relationship about her mother. Sometimes I do feel if Sunhe wasn't in the picture, maybe things would be a littler smoother," Jason has confessed on the show.

But mama Sunhe isn't backing down. "I have the strongest influence in her life," she warned Jason. "And without my blessing, I doubt she'll take it to the next step with you.

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smothered sunhe angelica breast cancer
Source: TLC

Does Sunhe from 'sMothered' have breast cancer?

On top of the drama that comes with being a 32-year-old, engaged woman with a closer-than-what's-generally-socially-acceptable relationship with her mother, Angelica is facing a serious medical scare alongside Sunhe.

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"My mom has to go to the doctor because she found a lump on her breast," Angelica tells the camera in a teaser clip before it cuts to the mother and daughter, who are presumably at Sunhe's appointment together.

"You've always been there for me. Let me be here for you," Angelica tells her mom.

"I'm so scared," a crying Sunhe says as Angelica comforts her, before the clip ends.

Source: Instagram
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In another teaser, an emotional Angelica says to the camera, "If my mom is sick, I would drop everything to take care of her. Because I know she would do the same for me."

That's when a doctor enters the exam room, where Sunhe and Angelica are holding hands. "So I have your results," the physician tells them before the camera cuts to shots of the somber-looking mother and daughter.

"Angelica is my whole life, she is every love song that I hear…I just don’t want to leave her behind," Sunhe laments on the the show.

It's a nail-biting cliffhanger, for sMothered fans, no doubt. Viewers were dying to know: Does Sunhe really have breast cancer?

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Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, if you take a look at Sunhe and Angelica's shared Instagram account (because they share everything, remember?), it doesn't seem they have posted any spoilers about Sunhe's health either way. It looks like fans will just have to tune into the next episode to find out for sure.

Catch new episodes of sMothered at 10 p.m. (EST) on Sundays on TLC.

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