Meet the Mother-Daughter Duos Featured on Season 3 of TLC's 'sMothered'

The mother-daughter duos featured on Season 3 of TLC's 'sMothered' add a new meaning to the phrase "too close for comfort." Details.


Jun. 7 2021, Updated 3:30 p.m. ET

Source: TLC

If you think that you and your mom need more boundaries, think again. The TLC reality series, sMothered, looks at a set of mother-daughter pairs who are ultra dependent on one another. Per TLC, these ladies "take their bonds to the extreme!"

We're talking about dressing in matching outfits, getting plastic surgery procedures at the same time, and bathing together.

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So who are these adult daughters (we felt the need to clarify) who have such a strong connection to their moms? The Season 3 cast features several new faces, but there are other fan favorites who have been on the show since it started.

Keep reading to find out.

1. Cher Hubsher Gopman and Dawn Hubsher

Source: TLC

If you saw Dawn and her daughter Cher you'd likely think they were twins before you figured out they were mother and daughter. The two have been on the show since it began, and they've continued to amaze viewers with their extremely close connection.

"My earliest memory between me and my mom was always dressing alike," dating coach and nurse Cher says in Season 1 — and the duo still does. As Dawn recalls, "I knew from the day she was born that she was going to be my best friend."

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Cher's marriage to Jared Gopman didn't stop her from continuing to put her mom first. Dawn was even there when Cher gave birth to her daughter, Belle.

Follow Cher (her mother isn't on social) on Instagram, here.

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2. Angelica Michaux and Sunhe Dapron

Source: TLC

Remember the aforementioned reference to the mother and daughter who share bathwater? That's Angelica and Sunhe, who are 20 years apart in age.

The two don't actually bathe together; one goes first, and then the other simply jumps in right after.

"It wasn't just a mother-daughter relationship, ever," Sunhe says of her relationship with Angelica in Season 1. "It was mother-daughter-best-friend."

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For a time, Angelica and Sunhe were even sleeping in the same bed. However, in Season 2, Angelica is still in a serious relationship with Jason, even though Sunhe had tried to stop them from getting engaged.

In the Season 2 finale, Angelica reveals to Sunhe that she is pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter named Amara Jael in June of 2020, and she's engaged to Jason.

Follow Angelica on Instagram here.

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3. Cristina Bertolli and Kathy Crispino

Source: TLC

Cristina isn't Kathy's only daughter, but she's certainly the closest to her mom. Like Cher and Dawn, these two can often be found in matching outfits. "We are together all the time," Cristina says of her relationship with her mom, who lives only five doors down.

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Cristina, her husband, and her kids move in with Kathy in Season 2 while their house is getting renovated. Though the scenario is a perfect one for Cristina, the continued closeness proves to be a problem with her spouse.

Similarly, Kathy's other daughter (aka Cristina's sister) also feels a bit left out.

But, at least the two aren't sharing their bathwater, and they're one of the most "normal" pairs on the show.

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4. Rykia Lewis and Karla McCoy

Source: TLC

With just an 18-year age difference, Karla and her daughter, Rykia, have always been besties. The two Season 3 additions wax one another, and they've seen each other's most intimate moments.

"My mother is the most important person in the world to me," Rykia says in the Season 3 premiere. "I can lean on her. I can depend on her for anything, and I appreciate that. Like, I really, really do."

Like Angelica and Sunhe did in the past, Karla and Rykia also have a tendency to share a bed.

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"I've had people say that we're too close, point blank," Karla admits. "And I was like, 'What?'"

Meanwhile, Rykia doesn't understand why people would think that she has a "weird" bond with her mom.

She notes that she really connected with her mom when she had a son in 2010. The two are raising Rykia's son, Idris, together.

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5. Amy DeAngelo and Carina DeAngelo

Source: TLC

This mother-daughter duo believes in sharing everything — including underwear. The Hawaii-based pair is new to the show, but they'll be fitting right in considering the fact that they also share a bed.

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6. Lauren Reese and Lisa Kimball

Source: TLC

Lisa and her daughter, Lauren, are the final addition for sMothered Season 3.

"I feel like we're best friends," Lisa says on the show. "Everyone always thought that we were like sisters.

Lauren is recently married to Laura Leigh, who understands how involved Lisa is in their relationship.

Lisa is helping them to expand their family by assisting Lauren with artificial insemination.

sMothered airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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