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Source: istock

Psychologists Urge Mothers to Take "Mom-Cations" to Protect Their Sanity


Several psychologists and mental health experts are suggesting that mothers take "mom-cations" as a means of protecting their sanity.

If there was a government lottery that dictated what people are most "deserving" of vacations, I'd say that moms take the top of that list nearly every single time.

I'm not talking about moms who toss a tablet to their kids and tell them to kick rocks for hours at a time, I'm talking about the honest-to-goodness ones that really put effort into raising a human being.

Dealing with the constant whining, the mess, the lost sleep — they all take a toll. Although I'd like to think I'm a pretty involved dad, I know it pales in comparison to the amount of work my wife puts into raising our kids.

And that effort shows. While my children have their own particular brand of awfulness, when I take them on play dates and see some of the monsters other parents churn out, I can see the hard work is paying off.