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  • Cristina Bertolli and Kathy Crispino

    'sMothered' Duo Kathy Crispino and Cristina Bertolli Live Five Houses Away from Each Other

    Kathy Crispino and her daughter, Cristina Bertolli, have been starring on TLC's 'sMothered' since Season 1. Details on Kathy's Illinois house.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • Dawn and Cher Hubsher

    Both Dawn and Cher Hubsher Wear Many Hats Outside 'sMothered'

    Dawn Hubsher and her daughter, Cher, have an unbreakable bond. But what does she do for a living, and what are her and her daughters' net worths?
    By Sara Belcher
  • Lauren Reese and Lisa Kimball

    Is Lauren Reese from 'sMothered' Pregnant After Enlisting Her Mother's Help?

    Is Lauren Reese from 'sMothered' Pregnant? The Season 3 addition has been chronicling her journey to motherhood on the show. Details.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • Jason Ihle

    Jason Ihle Skyrocketed to Fame With Appearances on 'sMothered' — Does He Have a Day Job?

    What does Jason from 'sMothered' do for a living? Does Jason have to work in addition to appearing on 'sMothered,' or is he a full-time TV star?
    By Leila Kozma
  • 'sMothered'

    Meet the Mother-Daughter Duos Featured on Season 3 of TLC's 'sMothered'

    The mother-daughter duos featured on Season 3 of TLC's 'sMothered' add a new meaning to the phrase "too close for comfort." Details.
    By Pippa Raga
  • angelicasmotheredpregnant

    Is 'sMothered' Star Angelica's Big Secret a Pregnancy?

    Is Angelica from 'sMothered' pregnant? The TLC star keeps teasing a big secret for fiancé Jason on the series, and some fans suspect a pregnancy.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • mariah from smothered tlc

    Mariah and Sandra from 'sMothered' Get Plastic Surgery and Date Together

    Here's everything you need to know about Mariah from 'sMothered', from their jobs and how to follow her social accounts, to her co-star mom Sandra and her comedian father.
    By Pippa Raga
  • cher and dawn smothered

    Dawn and Cher From 'sMothered' See Themselves as Twins Rather Than Mother and Daughter

    Dawn and Cher Hubsher from TLC's 'sMothered' think of themselves as twins rather than mother and daughter.
    By Allison Cacich
  • kathy crispino smothered

    'sMothered's Kathy Crispino Thinks Her Relationship With Daughter Cristina Is "How it Should Be"

    Meet Cristina and Kathy Crispino who star in 'sMothered', plus find out about Cristina's husband, how to follow them on social media and what they do for a living.
    By Pippa Raga
  • smothered season

    Cher and Dawn Share Their Hopes for 'sMothered' Season 2 — EXCLUSIVE

    Season 1 of 'sMothered' is wrapping up and fans of the mom-umental show are anxiously awaiting a Season 2. But will there be one? EXCLUSIVE
    By Pippa Raga
  • did cher from smothered have her baby

    Cher Hubsher Opens Up About Growing Up 'sMothered' and Becoming a Mom (EXCLUSIVE)

    Did Cher from 'sMothered' have her baby? Cher and mom, Dawn, sat down with 'Distractify' for an exclusive interview about the baby, show, and more.
    By Pippa Raga
  • screen shot    at  pm

    Wait, What is 'sMothered's' Kathy Crispino's Actual Job Again?

    What does mother Kathy Crispino on the TLC show 'sMothered' do for a living? It's unclear, but we have some guesses as to what she's been up to.
    By Brittany Vincent
  • smothered tlc scripted
    Reality TV

    Is TLC's 'sMothered' Scripted? Fans Think the Bizarre Reality Show Might Be

    'sMothered' just kicked off Season 2 on TLC, and since the show's plot is so bizarre, fans want to know if it's scripted. Find out what we know here!
    By Samantha Faragalli Younghans
  • screen shot    at  am

    TLC's 'sMothered' Introduces Daughter Who Says "I Like to Watch My Mom Sleep"

    Sarah and Laurie's relationship is an interesting one, and everyone's talking about how the two enjoy snuggle sessions together.
    By Ricky Pinela
  • alena smothered disorder

    Alena From TLC's 'sMothered' Has A Rare Disorder — Here's How She Treats It

    Alena from 'sMothered' was born with a rare disease that requires her to go to weekly enzyme replacement therapy appointments. But what is it called?
    By Ricky Pinela
  • hubsher family

    If Cher Hubsher's Brother on 'sMothered' Seems Familiar, You're Not Imagining It

    One of the most popular duos on TLC’s 'sMothered', Dawn and Cher Hubsher, has left viewers wondering about the family’s origins.
    By Ricky Pinela
  • brittani disorder smothered

    Brittani's Disorder on 'sMothered: "I Just Wished That I Was Born More Normal"

    The TLC series features exceptionally close mother-daughter relationships. But what is Brittani's disorder on 'sMothered'? Let's take a deep dive.
    By Michelle Stein
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