'sMothered': Scott Walks out on Sunnie After Learning About Eva's Shocking Activity (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 29 2024, Published 3:25 p.m. ET

The phrase "like mother, like daughter" is typically considered a positive sentiment, but in TLC's sMothered, it takes on a whole new meaning. The reality series follows a handful of mother-daughter duos with very intense bonds that seemingly surpass the lines of healthy boundaries.

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These mother-daughter duos often live together, dress alike, and share intimate details of their lives. In Season 5 of sMothered, six mother-daughter duos are featured, including newcomers Eva (real name Hayfa Muhamad Diab) and Sunnie Diab from Houston, Texas.

Eva, 65, and Sunnie, 36, are both estheticians who own the boutique salon, Skulpt Beauty Bar. The ladies are uncomfortably close and even help each other with personal grooming, including giving each other facials down there.

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But here's where things get thorny. Sunnie has been dating her boyfriend, Scott Schafer, for over two years, and is ready to take the next steps and get engaged. However, Scott appears to be on a different timeline.

Instead of letting her daughter and boyfriend work things out themselves, Eva has been interfering in their relationship and putting a lot of pressure on Scott to propose, including setting them up on a date centered around wedding planning. And so far, Scott has not been amused by Eva's actions.

In a never-before-seen sMothered clip shared exclusively with Distractify, we get an update on Scott and Sunnie's relationship and things are not looking good. Just when Scott thinks he's getting a reprieve from Eva, who has been staying with him and Sunnie, he learns that his sacred alone time with Sunnie might not have been as private as they had thought. Plus, it doesn't seem like he's getting rid of roommate Eva anytime soon.

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Sunnie's boyfriend Scott storms away after having a fight with her and her mom.

In an exclusive sMothered clip obtained by Distractify ahead of the Jan. 30, 2024, episode, it appears tensions are high between Sunnie and Scott over their living arrangements. While Scott was under the impression that he and Sunnie were moving to a new apartment sans Eva, he has just learned that she seemingly would be coming with them to the new place and nothing was actually changing.

In this clip, Sunnie and Scott, and Eva appear to be at opposite ends of a parking lot after having a fight about living arrangements. Sunnie is seen trying to console Scott, when her sister Sarah appears, having been called by Eva.

Sunnie begins to blame Sarah for everything, claiming that their mom only wants to live with her and Scott because she doesn't like living with Sarah. However, Sarah counters that by explaining that Eva only wants to live with them as she has been spying on them.

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"Why do you think she hasn't been staying at my house since you and Scott started dating? Because she wants to see everything that's going on," Sarah says to Sunnie and Scott, who starts walking away in disbelief after learning his girlfriend's mom has been spying on them. In a confessional, he says: "That's it. I'm out. I can't take that dude."

Scott Schafer, Sunnie Diab, Sarah Diab Drexler
Source: TLC / Youtube
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Scott then gets into his car and drives away, leaving an upset Sunnie behind. "Scott, are you f-----g serious?" Sunnie is heard yelling in the background.

Could this be the end for Sunnie and Scott?

Are Sunnie and Scott still together?

Sunnie and Scott appear to still be together even after his dramatic exit. As of writing, Sunnie still appears in Scott's Instagram profile picture, indicating they're still together. Since the show is typically filmed months in advance, Sunnie and Scott have likely reconciled and moved past this problem. It is unclear what the outcome is and if they were able to put a stop to Eva's spying, but we'll likely find out in future episodes.

Watch sMothered on Tuesdays and Thursdays on TLC.

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