Lip and Tami's Relationship Only Got Rockier in 'Shameless' Season 10

When Tami has to have an emergency C-section in 'Shameless' Season 10, it results in a traumatic experience for her and Lip as well, but does Tami die?

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Feb. 10 2021, Updated 4:26 p.m. ET

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After Fiona (Emmy Rossum) left Shameless, it was up to Lip (Jeremy Allen White) to step up and take care of the remaining Gallagher kids. Unfortunately for them, his attention was tugged in another direction in Season 10, when he dealt with being a dad for the first time after his girlfriend Tami (Kate Miner) had an emergency C-section. But for those who are just starting their Shameless adventure and going down the rabbit hole of Gallagher trashiness, they might be wondering what happens to Tami after her seemingly tragic birth story.

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The Season 10 premiere saw Lip become a dad, somehow skirting the responsibility of parenthood after years of unprotected sex with a litany of random characters and girlfriends throughout the show’s first nine seasons. And while he took to fatherhood well enough, first time Shameless watchers were immediately concerned about Tami.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Shameless Season 10.

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Does Tami die in 'Shameless' Season 10?

While Tami’s complicated C-section in the season premiere makes it seem like she dies during childbirth, as she had feared might happen, she pulls through in the end. Instead of dying, Tami is forced to have an extended stay at the hospital and doesn't even meet her son until Lip introduces her to him in her hospital room.

Sadly, Tami has a harder time connecting with her son than Lip initially does. But, after recovering from a C-section and almost dying so her baby could live, Tami is understandably in a different place than Lip was when he took their baby home for the first time. Granted, it was difficult for him, but Tami was frustrated with herself as a person and as a mom when she struggled to deal with their baby on her own the first few times.

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Tami and Lip's relationship in 'Shameless' felt rocky from the start.

Aside from worrying about if Tami dies in Shameless Season 10, there was also the concern among fans that her relationship with Lip wouldn't work out by the end of the season. They had extreme highs and definite lows at the start of their relationship and things really only got worse before they got better.

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Even after Tami bonded with their baby and she and Lip were able to connect again in Season 10, things didn’t go so well between the two of them. Tami was intent on getting them out of Chicago and starting a new life together, and Lip didn't want to leave his family and the only neighborhood he had ever known. Things ended on a more positive note, but it's still unclear how well Tami and Lip are going to do in Shameless Season 11.

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When is 'Shameless' Season 11?

Season 11 was originally set to begin filming in March 2020, but COVID-19 put a halt in production. Because of that, fans may not see the new season until mid-2021 sometime. And hopefully it can do the series justice as a whole. One of the issues lots of fans had with Shameless Season 10 was the fact that Fiona wasn't in it. Her absence wasn't a surprise, but she had been the Gallagher caretaker for so long that it was hard to see the show without her at its epicenter.

Lip did become more of a central figure and the focus on his relationship with Tami and his adventure into fatherhood made for a compelling storyline. But the other storylines with Frank (William H. Macy) and Lip’s younger siblings seemed to be all over the place. With Season 11 being the final season of Shameless, the hope is that it ties up any loose ends and properly finishes out the show.

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