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Source: Getty

Trisha Yearwood Is a Proud Step-Mom of Three: "There's Nothing Like Loving Your Babies"


Trisha Yearwood is a talented musician and an exceptional homemaker. The celebrity earned her first breakthrough in the music industry with the 1991 single, "She's in Love with the Boy," and there's been no way of stopping her since. 

After the release of her biggest hits, like "Walkaway Joe" or "How Do I Live" Trisha went on to develop some of the best and most reliable recipe books a home cook could wish for. 

Many are wondering: does Trisha Yearwood have children, and if so, how many? 

Trisha Yearwood does not have children of her own. 

A gifted TV chef and cookbook author, Trisha amused us time and time again with an array of exceptional recipes bound to amuse guests, family members and just about anybody who shows up at the doorstep at any given time. 

However, despite her wealth of experience with whipping up a nice treat every now and then, Trisha doesn't have children of her own. 

Our question is: what happens to the freebies? Who gets to enjoy the sweets?