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Source: HBO

Sorry, 'Serial' Sleuths — Don Clinedinst Doesn't Care if You Believe His Alibi


Listeners of Serial Season 1 probably thought they'd learned everything there was to know about the murder of Hae Min Lee, but the new HBO documentary, The Case Against Adnan Syed, is exploring a lot of ground that wasn't covered by NPR's Sarah Koenig, along with what's transpired since the podcast took the nation by storm.

Lawyer Rabia Chaudry is a family friend who has been advocating for Syed for 20 years, and approached Koenig with the story that became Serial. She has identified a lot of ways she feels the investigation focused too narrowly on building a case against Hae's ex-boyfriend, Syed, to the exclusion of other possible suspects. And one such suspect Chaudry feels was not adequately looked into was Hae's new boyfriend at the time of her death: Don Clinedinst.