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Source: getty

The 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary Is Leaving Celebrities With Some Horrified Reactions


The Leaving Neverland documentary, which centers around the alleged abuse the late King of Pop subjected two children — Wade Robson and James Safechuck— he surrounded himself with during his career, is stirring up a bunch of reactions online, and more than a few people have their opinions on what did or didn't happen.

When the world-famous singer and legendary performer passed away in 2009, his passing sent ripples throughout not just the music community, but anyone who's ever heard one of his songs.

Michael Jackson was a consummate, breakout performer from a very young age. While other children were worrying about elementary school and hiding crumby report card grades from their parents, Jackson was travelling the world and was a household name as the lead singer of the Jackson 5.

When he broke into his own solo career, he set the world on fire. The man redefined pop music and his vocals and dance moves made him a phenomenon.

To this day, there are tons of people who still imitate him and his influence in the world of music, and dance, is undeniable. But there's still the question of his oft-frowned upon obsession with youth and children. One that Leaving Neverland attempts to uncover by investigating and interviewing the "survivors" who lived with the singer.

If their accounts are to be believed, then it turns out that Jackson wasn't just a troubled, brilliant pop star, but an absolute monster. 

Here is a roundup on some of the reactions from celebrities who viewed the two-part series on HBO.